Nos. 52006 and 52031 were bought by the East Kent Railway Museum from British Rail in December 1992, shortly after being withdrawn from service.   During transit to East Kent the low-loader carrying 52006 was involved in an accident on the M1 motorway which resulted in considerable damage to the left of the driving cab.  The two power cars were initially delivered to Richborough Power Station in Kent.  On arrival it was apparent that they were both in a poor state as a result of BR's policy of running them into the ground.  Much work was undertaken on the unit whilst at Richborough, with the work continuing after it was moved to the East Kent Railway at Shepherdswell.   In 1996 Class 107 Ltd. purchased 52006 and 52031 from the East Kent Railway Museum, after it decided to sell its collection of rolling stock.

Since being purchased by Class 107 Ltd. a substantial amount of restoration work has been undertaken, having been completely repainted into the original Brunswick green livery.  The two power cars were initially taken to the Eden Valley Railway in Cumbria, but owing to a lack of facilities they later moved to Crewe.  The near wilderness conditions of the site in Cumbria meant that work progressed very slowly.

Whilst at Crewe the major refurbishment work began to progress at a faster pace.   The work involved overhauling much of the mechanics of the two power cars including the rebuilding of one of the engines.   The interior of 52006 has been refurbished with new lino fitted, and a revised seating layout to allow passengers slightly more room and an improved view.  This also included fitting tables into some of the seating bays, which have proved very popular with passengers.

The vehicle spent several years running at the Embsay Steam Railway with 52031. It then moved to the Wensleydale Railway, together with 52025, leaving 52005 to operate at Embsay. It is now located on the Avon Valley Railway.

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